When we glance at our wrists to find out the time, we don't even think about the effort and ingenuity that has made it a possibility. From the earliest beginnings with stone circles and sundials, through water dripping and lowering the level in a marked off bowl, to graduated candles that (hopefully!) burned evenly and finally pendulum-driven trickery. And then came the drive from the shipping navigators to be able to accurately tell the time at sea, pendulums being no good in a pitching ship! The huge prize money put up for the first mechanism to solve this drove the invention of the spring-driven clockwork mechanisms still used even in today's world of quartz crystals and electrickery!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Unique style ideas - Steampunk Fashion Accessory collection

Nautical steampunk octopus antique vintage kraken minx® nail wrapsSteampunk Spider on Black Tri-fold WalletsSteampunk Girls Wristlet Clutch

Unique style ideas - Steampunk Fashion Accessory collection

Steampunk fashion will always be retro even when it's contemporary. Feeling a bit mysterious? Do you hanker back to the dark romance hinted at by this style? Yes? Then these should appeal!

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